About Almog

Founded on 1987, Almog, a privately held Life Science company, has grown to be a leader in the Israeli life science community, specializes in providing innovative high quality products and services for research, diagnostic and clinical use.

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Our Partners

Specializing in the Immunology and Hematology fields, Almog is collaborating with the world's most innovative technologies.
Miltenyi Biotec is the gold standard for cell separation, the most advanced in Cell Therapy...

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Tailored In-Vivo Service at Almog!

In almost every research, there's a phase which requires to take the trial from the petri dish to the next level of animal studies.
Almog is offering unique affordable on-site xenograft services, featuring the most advanced expertise...

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  • MACS® ART Annexin V System

    Easy, fast, and specific depletion of unwanted apoptotic spermatozoa.

    סילוק תאי זרע המצויים בתהליך התאבדות תאית, לצורך השבחת דגימת הזרע לפני תהליך של הפרייה

  • ichor.bio in-vivo antibodies

    Best in class antibodies for in vivo use
    Antibodies with the highest purity and the lowest endotoxin in the industry

  • Tailored In-Vivo Service at Almog

    Establishment and development of complex "tailor made" in-vivo models.