In Vitro Services

In Vitro Services

As a leading supplier in the research, diagnostic and biotech markets, our lhas access to some of the most advanced research technologies and protocols available.

We can offer extensive research services combining in-vivo and in-vitro disciplines to help you get results.

We specialize in:

  • Flow cytometry – equipped with the most advanced Flow cytometers in the world complicated FLOW experiments are our thing!

    Let us offer you:

      •  Panel building services
      • High complexity, high throughput FLOW experiments – with up to 40 colors in a single tube
      • Variable Sample source experiments e.g. PBMC, Tissue (brain, lamina propria, lung, kidney, heart etc.) Tumors etc.
      • Small particles and Extracellular Vesicles (EV) experiments 

  • Immunology assays execution and analysis including – ELISA, Multiplex ELISA, Cytokine secretion assays 


  • Highly viable single cell suspension for sensitive downstream applications

Leveraging Miltenyi Biotec’s Tissue & tumor dissociation well established protocols we deliver single cell suspension of the highest quality suitable for: Flow Cytometry, Single cell RNA seq, cell isolation, protein arrays etc.