3D Bioprinting

3D printing of your Bio Dreams

Almog is proud to represent Cellink, a BICO company, and offer our customers the world’s best-in-class portfolio for Bioinks, Bioprinters and Bioprinting Accessories.

Adopted by more than 1,000 laboratories, including ones at all the top 20 pharmaceutical, Cellink technology has been cited in more than 1600 publication in various fields and applications e.g. 3D cell culturing, disease modeling, tissue engineering and drug development.

 Our unique portfolio includes:


Starting with its original bioprinter, the INKREDIBLE™, we offer a wide range of extrusion-based and Light-based printers.

Read more here: https://www.cellink.com/bioprinting/

 Bioinks & Biomaterials

Whether you are looking for GelMA, Collagen, FRESH, Alginates or any other printing solution – we have them all.

Search here: https://www.cellink.com/product-category/bioink/

Or contact us at: [email protected]

 Bioprinting Accessories

Cartridges, Nozzles, adaptors and valves, search here for your additional accessories:


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